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Experience the new and most exciting watersport , Fly above the water, find new sensation and enjoy swimming with amazing experience
Flyboarding is the newest action water sport which is a foot mounted board connected to a personal watercraft via a 60ft hose. The output which would usually propel the watercraft is redirected to two jets on the bottom of the flyboard, creating lift
It is a board connected to the turbine of a VNM to rise into the air, diving and leaping out of the water, and perform various freestyle tricks. This is connected to the watercraft through a pipe 18 or 23 meters, redirecting the water pressure up Flyboard® Legend of nozzles. By managing the power of VNM, users can reach up to 12 meters high It is this hydro-propulsion force that provides unique sensations and complete freedom of movement for the rider.
It is the coolest of all activities and tours if you want to try some new water sport, Flyboard is the most amazing expericne where you fly like Ironman and dive like a dolphin.


• Please carry your original passport or valid ID with you.
• Cancellation before 24 hours will be no charge
• 100 % Charge for no-shows or cancellations made on same time
• All sea and air activities are depends on weather condition and may cancel without prior notice

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